5 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Indulge your 5 senses


Indulge your 5 senses. Creative Direction: Dimitris Panagiotidis. Food Stylist: Kiriaki Sidiropoulou. Photo by Stefanos Tsakiris, Panos Efstratiou.
World Excellent Products S.A. 2 Kapetan Agra St. 570 09 Kalochori, Thessaloniki, Greece / wep-sa.com

World Excellent Products S.A. (WEP), is a company driven by passion for excellence in gastronomy, committed to deliver unique products. The idea was born by a group of inspirational people that shared a common devotion to quality and innovation. WEP bases its marketing campaign as a whole to the demographics and lifestyle of the potential end customer/buyer of its products. It is the company’s strong belief that the end customer should experience the company’s products and all their qualities (olive oil quality, packaging design) and perceive the added value of them to the full extend.

5 Organic Extra Virgin Olive Oil. Photo by Stefanos Tsakiris.

“Balance between circle and sphere, flat shape versus slender outline; had the liquid a texture, this would be its magnifier. Indulge your senses and experience the extraordinary and superior taste of natural flavors and an unparalleled quality of quintessentially good olive oil in its purest form.”

5 Olive Oil, is a premium line of products, from some of the absolute best olive crops in the Mediterranean. 5 Olive Oil’s well-balanced, fruity taste and low acidity is a result of its regional origin in Peloponnese, Greece and its extraction from Koroneiki olives, the best variety available, as well as the highest quality standards maintained throughout the cultivation, harvesting, pressing, storage and bottling process.

CJ Hendry’s 50 Foods in 50 Days Gourmet Art Experience in Melbourne by The Cool Hunter. Photo by Peter Tarasiuk.

Ioannis Sompolos, Vice President of the BoD said “Distinctive packaging and bottle shape, resulting in a strong brand name. Due to the bottle shape, which is rounded, and glass made the firm is distinguished from others and it is easily recognisable. The packaging and the shape has resulted in the strong brand image of the firm and this will allow it to become easily recognisable in a large store and the consumer eye will be attracted there. In close collaboration with the award winning design agency “Designers United”​, our products have thrived in international competitions around the globe, amassing a staggering 5 global design awards, including the Red dot Design Awards, the European Design Awards, the Pentawards and the Dieline Awards for 2012 and 2013. The latest distinction was at the New York International Olive Oil Competition (NYIOOC) where 5 Olive Oil was voted by the jury comprising of New York based leading brand identity firm Sterling Brands, as the most innovative package design for 2013.”