With a keen eye for detail and a meticulous approach to capturing the Chef’s creations, Signe’s Scandinavian roots are highly present in her work, and simplicity is key in every shot. Signe’s style has been described as ethereal and sensual, with references to the old masters of European painting.


culinary temples


“Andre Chiang’s greatest inspirations come from nature, produce and art, as he grew up in an artist family while gastronomy for him is found in the search of the ultimate dining experience in all aspects. Being motivated by his hard working team and believing that ‘the tough day was yesterday”, he is probably halfway of completing his dreams. Andre Chiang defines success as the trust his guests have in him and his cooking while he finds happiness mostly through ‘the unexpected’.

Unique. Pure. Texture. Memory. Salt. South. Artisan. Terroir. These are the eight most important words in Restaurant André. They are the backbone of everything that is created at Restaurant André. From a single dish to the restaurant’s overall philosophy – Octaphilosophy – is our method of encouraging and managing the creative process, and a principle to live by. Explore more